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How to Outline Text in GIMP

GIMP is a versatile tool just like Photoshop. In addition to using it to edit a photo, you can also use GIMP to design something. When using GIMP as a design tool, you can add a text element and style it up (the text element). You can, for instance, add a border (outline) to your text. This post will show you how.

First off, create a new image by clicking the File menu and select New. Or, you can also press the Ctrl+N on the keyboard (more GIMP shortcuts). Activate the Text tool on the toolbox (T). Once the Text tool is active, click anywhere on the canvas area where you want to write the text on and write the text.

You can set the size, color, and spacing of the text via the settings panel beneath the toolbox or via the text toolbar on the canvas area. Use the Move tool or Alignment tool to set the position of the text.

Once you are done setting the text size, color, and position, right-click the text layer and select Alpha to Selection. Or, you can also right-click the text layer on the layers panel and select Alpha to Selection.

The step above would select the text. Next, click the Select menu and select Grow and set the border thickness on the appearing dialog box.

Create a new layer by going to Layer -> New (Ctrl+Shift+N). On the Fill with option, set it to Transparency.

Move the new layer you have just created beneath the text layer.

Activate the Bucket Fill tool (Shift+B) and click the text on the canvas. Before doing so, you can set the foreground color to set the color of the outline.

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