Getting emails from the unwanted sources is sucks. If you use Gmail, you might ever in a situation where you have unsubscribed from certain sources, yet they keep bothering you with promotional emails or other type of annoying emails. In this sort of case, automatically sending those emails to the Spam folder might can be the final step you can do.

Well, those annoying emails won’t really go away from your Gmail dashboard. At least you won’t see them on your Inbox. Gmail allows you to block certain email senders. All emails sent by the senders you have blocked will automatically be sent to the Spam folder.

To block a sender on Gmail, open an email from the sender you want to block. Click the More button and select Block “the sender”.

A confirmation pop-up will appear, asking you whether you want really to block the concerned email address. Press the Block button.

Done. Starting now, all messages sent by the sender you have just blocked will be sent to the Spam folder.

While you can block certain senders to make their emails to be automatically sent to the Spam folder, you can also prevent emails sent by certain senders from being sent to the Spam folder.

Final thoughts

Email marketing is a common practice done by many businesses in the internet era. If you love using certain products or services, you might want to keep updated over every new thing from the products or services you use. Same as you, the products or services you use won’t lose you as well. As a user, you have the privilege to stop being an email newsletter subscriber from the products or services you use.

However, some businesses might keep emailing you even if you tried to unsubscribe. If this is the case, you can block them to make every single email sent by them be automatically sent to the Spam folder.


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