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How to Check Apps Connected to Gmail

Did you ever wonder how many apps already connected to your Gmail account? If you often use apps or websites that require to login, chances are there are tens of apps you have connected to. Today, the vast majority of apps or websites offer login via Google and social media to help you save a little of time.

For people who are lazy enough in filling out web forms, the option is pretty handy. However, using this option too often is not too good. It is because when you are opting to login via Google on certain app/website, you are basically giving that app an access to your Google data, which can include contact, location, email address and so on. While apps/websites might promise not to abuse your data, you never really know what they are going to do in the future. Checking out what apps you have give the permission to access your data periodically can be nice option to keep your account safe. How to do so?

Your Gmail account is also your Google account. In case you didn’t know, Google provides a resource called Google Account which you can use to control and protect your account. Through this resource, you can check out what apps have connected to your Google account and manage them.

First off, visit the website of Google Account and login with your Google account by clicking the Sign in button on the top-right corner. Then select the Apps with account access link.

On the next page, you can see apps that have connected to your Google account. To see all apps, click the MANAGE APPS like.

Don’t be surprised if you see tens of apps on the list especially if you often give a try to free apps and opt to login via Google.

Clicking on each app, you will see a more detailed information regarding the app like when did you connect it and what access it has. You can also see a REMOVE ACCESS button. If you want to disconnect the app, simply click the button.

Just be careful when using the login via Google option offered by apps/websites. Make sure you really understand what kind of data they want to access associated with your Google account. Again, checking out what apps you have connected to periodically can be a nice option. If you find any¬†suspicious apps, don’t wait to disconnect it.

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