How to Check If Your Gmail Message Has Been Read

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How to Check If Your Gmail Message Has Been Read

Despite popular, there are some crucial features that are still unavailable in Gmail. One of which is email tracking. You need this feature to figure out what happens to the email you sent. Has it been read? Or is it just staying on the inbox of your recipient without even get touched?

While Gmail does’t have a mail tracking feature, there are several tools developed by third parties to allow you tracking the Gmail messages you sent so you don’t need to keep wondering what happened with the email you sent. Mailtrack is one of the tools you can use.

You can use Mailtrack for free although there are some restrictions you have to deal with. Your email will be sent with a Mailtrack signature watermark if you stick to the free version.

Mailtrack itself is available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. This article will demonstrate how to use Mailtrack on Chrome.

First off, visit the website of Mailtrack to install Mailtrack extension on Chrome.

A new tab will automatically open once Mailtrack is installed, asking you to connect your Google account with Mailtrack. Simply click the button to start connecting.

Once you are done connecting your Google account, Mailtrack will automatically reload the Gmail tab on Chrome (if already open). Go to the Gmail tab on your Chrome and you should see two checklist icons on the Sent Mail menu.

Now please try writing a new message and send it. Then go to the Sent Mail box. You should see two checklist icons on each of email. Two white checklists indicate that you sent the email without having Mailtrack installed, a green checklist and a white checklist indicate that your email has been sent but hasn’t read yet, and double green checklists indicate that your email has been read by your recipient.

If you hover your mouse over the icons, you will see a more detailed information regarding your email status like when did your message get read and what device used by your recipient. Mailtrack also provides a desktop notification, letting you know for every of your email that has been read.

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