Creating a To-Do List in Gmail

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Creating a To-Do List in Gmail

If you have been long enough on Gmail, chance that you a master on it. Gmail is the most poular free email service so far. Nearly all internet users have at least one Gmail account

Gmail comes with the number of features to make it easy for everyone to manage emails and contacts. But still, there are some hidden features of Gmail that you probably didn’t know, including to-do list

With so many tasks to do in the same day, it’s little bit hard to keep organized. A to-do list app is great tool to help us fixing that problem. If your work is requires you to spend more times with Gmail — with so many tasks to do — you can use Gmail’s built-in to-do list feature to enlist what you have to do to day

Creating a to do list

  • Login with your Gmail account as usual. Head to top left corner and hit the Mail menu. A drop down menu appear and you will see a sub menu called “Tasks”. Press the Tasks menu and you will have a new pop up appear on the bottom right corner


  • You can start creating a to-do list by typing anything on the pop up. Just click the “+” sign to add a new task. You can also set a due date and write some notes on your task by clicking the arrow sigh on each task


  • In order you can also set some lists to categorize your tasks. Just simply click on three lines icon on the bottom right corner of the pop to show the following options

new list


  • In order you may also want to add an inbox to your tasks so that you will never miss anything regarding the email. Especially if the email contains a request or an order. Just simply mark the emails you want to add and click on More –> Add to Tasks menu like the example below

select inbox

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