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How to Enable (and Disable) Autocomplete in Gmail

Autocomplete is one of the new features offered by new Gmail. This feature can save you time when writing a new email. Conversely, it can also be annoying for those who don’t like the concept of autocomplete. Google doesn’t force you to use this feature if you don’t find it useful. Once Google eventually rolled out the new Gmail look for all users, you can disable this feature if you want to.

Before you continue, you need to know first that the autocomplete feature is only available on the new Gmail. At the time of writing, new Gmail is not available for all users yet. You can click the gear icon on the upper right corner to see if new Gmail is already available for your account.

Autocomplete itself is part of the new Gmail composer which Google calls it Smart Compose. This feature (autocomplete) is basically still under development, that is why not every Gmail user get it. If you are curious about this feature, you can go to the Settings page by clicking the gear icon on the upper right corner. On the General tab, check the Experimental Access option and click the Save button.

While some users find the autocomplete of Gmail useful, there are some who find it annoying. Like said above, Google doesn’t force you to use this feature. You can disable it anytime you want. To do so, you can go the Smart Compose section under the General tab on the Settings page. Simply select the Writing suggestions off option and click the Save button and Gmail will disable this feature.

There are a lot of sentences commonly used by Gmail users will suggested by Gmail. Like “I hope you’re well”, “How are you?”, “Looking forward to hearing from you” and so on. To use the suggested sentences, you can press the tab button on your keyboard.

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