Simple Steps to Enable Desktop Notifications in Gmail

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Simple Steps to Enable Desktop Notifications in Gmail

Gmail has a handy feature to let you know of every incoming message, even if you are not opening the Gmail tab in your browser. But, you need to enable it manually. The feature is called Desktop Notifications and can be accessed from Gmail’s general settings. Unfortunately, the feature only apply in Google Chrome. With a little trick, you can also apply the feature to other browser, including Firefox.

What’s the advantage of enabling Gmail desktop notifications?

There are some. First, you don’t have to stick on the Gmail tab in your browser while waiting for the message. Second, you can see a quick glance of the message so you can instantly decide whether want to open it immediately or later.

Here’s how to enable desktop notifications in Gmail.

  • From your Gmail dashboard click on the gear icon at the top-right corner and select Settings

  • Keep on the General tab and scroll down until you find the Desktop Notifications section. Here you can choose what kind of notifications you want to have in your Gmail account. Once you done selecting, scroll down and click the Save Changes button.

By now, every time you login to your Gmail account in Google Chrome you will get notified via a handy pop-up. No additional settings required.

Enabling Gmail desktop notifications in Firefox

If you are a Firefox user you need to install additional add-on to enable Gmail Desktop Notifications feature. It’s because Chrome and Firefox use the different engine for their browser. Firefox is built with Gecko while Chrome is built from WebKit.

We are going to use an add-on called Gmail™ Notifier. Go to the add-on page to install.

This add-on doesn’t require you to restart your Firefox to work. Once it’s installed you will have a new icon on the Firefox icon bar. And, every time you have a new message, a new pop up will appear at the top-right corner of your Firefox.

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