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How to Filter Messages by Sender in Gmail

I am pretty sure that most internet users have at least one Gmail account. Not a few of them who use Gmail as the main email service. But, time has changed and the expression when you get a new message on Gmail is not the same anymore as tens years ago.

Too many messages bombard your inbox every day and it can lead a headache to read all of them. But, it can also be wrong if you just ignore all that messages without even checking who sent them. What if you missed an important message from someone you care about. Or worse. What if you missed a message from your clients that can change your life.

Gmail has actually helped you to organize your messages by grouping them into three different tabs so your message won’t pile up in a single place. But, it not much help if you get so many messages every day.

It would be a good idea to filter incoming messages by sender. This won’t only make your inbox be much more organized but also ensure you won’t miss any message from the people you care about, potential clients and more.

Filter messages by sender in Gmail

After doing the filter below your messages will be placed into a separated label based on parameter you have set. Please note that this method won’t gather your existing messages. Instead, it will filter every new message so you will only see messages in your new label once get new messages.

  • First and foremost, login with your Gmail account.
  • Select a certain message from a sender you want to filter his/her messages.
  • Click More and select Filter messages like these. You will see a filter box with the sender’s email address automatically filled in.

  • The next step, click the Create filter with this search link at the bottom-right of the box.

  • Create a new label at the Apply the label section.

  • Give your new label a name and click the Create button.

  • Don’t forget to check the tiny box of the Apply the label section.

  • Lastly, click the Create filter button. But, be sure to check the Also apply filter to matching conversations option next to it.

  • By now, you will see a new label at the left panel of your Gmail dashboard. This new label still empty and will filled by new messages from the sender you have just filtered.

Please note, Gmail will directly puts every new message from the sender you have filtered to the label you have created. You won’t see those messages on the Gmail default tabs.

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