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7 of The Best Gmail Backup Tools

Losing data can be a nightmare for all businesses, especially if the lost data is directly involved to the daily operational, like email for instance. Backup. It is the only solution to get your lost data back. If you rely on Gmail for your business and is looking for a tool to backup your emails, read on. We have put together some tools that you can use to backup your Gmail emails.

You need to backup your Gmail emails especially if you use Gmail with custom domain (G Suite) since Google doesn’t backup your organisation’s G Suite data when it is overwritten or deleted.

Following are 7 of the best tools you can use to backup your Gmail emails.

1. SysCloud

SysCloud is one of the recommended backup tools if you use G Suite for business. Not only Gmail, you can also use this tool to backup other G Suite data, including G Suite Contact, Google Drive, Calendar and so on. If your data is lost for unexpected reason, you can get it back using SysCloud since it also offers recovery feature. This backup tool provides automatic scheduled backup to protect your data against data loss. SysCloud itself is not a free tool, but you can try it for free to figure out if the features offered by fit your need.

2. Spanning

Spanning is another backup tool you can use to backup your custom domain Gmail. You can also use it to backup other G Suite data to save the whole data of your business when something bad happens. Some as SysCloud, Spanning also offers a tool to allow you restore your Gmail data. It even gives you a 100% guarantee that the restore process will really succeed. While you can set automated backup, this tool also offers manual backup (on-demand backup). Spanning offers a 14-trial period to allow you try the offered features for free.

3. Spinbackup

In Spinbackup, you can set automated backup up to 3 times per day. There is no storage limit so you can store as many data as you want. Spinbackup wants to help small or mid-size business owners to save their data by providing affordable backup service. You can use this tool for only $3 per month. Same as two backup tools above, Spinbackup also comes with a recovery feature. Spinbackup also offers trial version to allow you try its feature for free. Spinbackup is already available on the G Suite Marketplace.

4. Backupify

You can also use Backupify to save your G Suite data from getting lost forever. Backupify has some scenarios that can cause you to lose your G Suite data. From accidentally deleted, deleted by former employees, failed 3rd party integrations and so on. Backupify also offers both, automated backup and on-demand backup. The automated backup of Backupify allows you to run up to 3 backups per day. The service offered by Backupify also include Gmail recovery. Backupify is a paid backup tool with 15-day trial period.

5. Cloudally

Using Gmail custom domain and other G Suite apps means that your data is stored to the cloud (on the Google’s server). To provide extra protection against data loss, Cloudally helps you to have a copy of your data to another cloud service. This backup tool will copy your data to Amazon S3. As an additional service, it also allows you to recover your G Suite data, including Gmail. Trial version is available if you want to try the features offered by this tool.

6. cloudHQ

cloudHQ is the tool you need if you want to backup your regular Gmail emails (not custom domain). You can also use this tool to backup your custom domain Gmail. cloudHQ helps you to backup your Gmail emails to another cloud storage services effortlessly. You can backup your Gmail to services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive to Amazon S3. In cloudHQ, backups are done automatically. There is no option for manual backup. cloudHQ itself can be used for free, but pro version is also available in case you need more advanced features.

7. Handy Backup

If you prefer to backup your Gmail locally then Handy Backup is the tool you need. While you can use this tool to backup your Gmail data to the cloud, local option is also available. Handy Backup itself is a desktop app. It works by accessing Gmail via IMAP, using the dedicated “E-mail” plug-in, and stores emails in a common, readable EML format. You can use Handy Backup to backup Gmail data of both regular Gmail and Gmail with custom domain.

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