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How to Restore Gmail Old Compose Interface

Since released for public users in 2007, there have been countless changes applied to Gmail by Google. If you have been on Gmail since the beginning, you must be knew this. One of the most memorable Gmail changes was the compose interface

Previously, users who want to compose a new message was offered a large interface instead of a small pop up. Google then replaced the old compose interface with the new one in 2013. By that year (until now), users was offered a small pop up located in the bottom-right corner every time they press the Compose button

Google argued that the changes was meant to increase user experience by enabling users to compose a message in quicker way

Google may was right but not of all users loved the change. There are the number of users who preferred the old compose interface. Unfortunately, Google give no options to enable us restoring the old compose interface. But don’t worry. You still have a chance to get your old compose interface using a browser extension called Old Compose. This extension is available for Google Chrome and Firefox

This article will show you how to install Old Compose extension in Google Chrome. If you are Firefox user, you can get the extension by visiting this page

  • Open your Google Chrome and head to the three-dots icon on the top-right corner. Choose More tools –> Extensions.

new extension

  • Click on the Get more extensions link on the bottom and type “Old Compose” on the search field. Click on the ADD TO CHROME button. Or you can simply visit this page


  • A new icon will appear next to the three-dots icon once the Old Compose extension was installed. Now, please login to your Gmail account and try to compose a message. Congratulation!, you have got your old compose interface


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