28 Most Useful Gmail Shortcuts (PDF)

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28 Most Useful Gmail Shortcuts (PDF)

Time is money. Even if it is only one second. Many internet marketers who use Gmail on their daily basis are looking for ways to save time when working. In Gmail, you can make use of shortcuts to save time and eventually boost your productivity. There are tens of shortcuts offered by Gmail. You can see them all by pressing Shift+? buttons on keyboard.

When working with Gmail, there are some actions you perform regularly. Like composing a new message, replying a message, forwarding a message and so on. You can replace the mouse clicks with keyboard shortcuts for those actions. The PDF sheet below collected 28 Gmail shortcuts for common actions you usually perform on Gmail. The table on the sheet is divided into three sections: Inbox view, conversation view and compose view. Inbox view means you are on the main inbox Gmail, conversation view means you are on an email and compose view means you are working with Gmail email composer.

All shortcuts on the sheet below work on Gmail on Windows and Linux, regardless the web browser you use.

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