How to Create a Professional Email Signature in Gmail

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How to Create a Professional Email Signature in Gmail

Adding email signature is a common method done by professionals to build their personal brands. In the internet era like today, adding an email signature has turned to become a need instead of option. Gmail, the most popular email service, actually has a built-in feature to allow you adding email signature. However, the look of resulting email signature created by the default Gmail feature is far from professional.

If you want to be serious in taking advantage of email signature to build your personal brand, it’s highly recommended to use services offered by third parties like WiseStamp.

WiseStamp is a service that makes it easy for you adding professional email signature. Major email services, including Gmail, are supported by this service. You can add such elements as photo, job title, company and social media profiles on your signature. All of those elements will be displayed in a very nice look depends on the signature template you have chosen.

WiseStamp itself is a freemium service. In order to get the most out of it you are recommended to upgrade your free account since free account has a very limited features. Plus, you are also not allowed to remove the branding attribute of WiseStamp.

Here is how to use the service. Please note that the example below is created with a free WiseStamp account.

Create a professional email signature with WiseStamp

  • Visit the WiseStamp site and select one the offered Sign up methods. In this case, I prefer to sign up with email.

  • Once you done creating a WiseStamp account, visit this page to start creating your signature. As you can see, there are so many attributes you can add to your signature. From name, job title, photo, company, website, social profile and so on. Just fill out all of your preferred attributes.

  • WiseStamp also lets you to add Signature Apps like Instagram follow button, LinkedIn connect button and lots more. Scroll down to the Signature Apps section to add ones.

  • Select your preferred signature template on the available options. Since I am using a free account, there are not much options I can choose. Fortunately, the default template is professional look enough. If you upgrade your account, you can also adjust the photo dimension, font size, social icons size, template color and lots more. Click the Save changes button once you done with these settings.

  • Next, click the Manage email clients link.

  • Since you want to add email signature on Gmail so select Gmail and click the Install our Chrome extension button (If you use Firefox, this button will be Install our Firefox extension).

  • Login to your Gmail dashboard (or refresh if you have logged in) and you will see a pop up notification from WiseStamp. Just click Yes.

  • Create a new message just like usual. There will be a WiseStamp button at the bottom-right corner of the message composer. You can use this button to both enable and disable email signature from WiseStamp.


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