How to Restore Deleted Emails on Gmail

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How to Restore Deleted Emails on Gmail

Accidentally deleted an email on Gmail? No worries. You can get it back in case the email is important. Gmail won’t immediately delete your email once you delete it. Instead, it will be moved to a temporary folder — called Trash –, allowing you to get it back to the Inbox folder.

The way the temporary folder of Gmail works is pretty similar to Recycle Bin on Windows. This folder is used to temporarily hold deleted emails. However, your email won’t last forever on this folder. It will be really deleted after 30 days. So, you better restore your emails quickly once you accidentally deleted them.

To restore deleted emails on Gmail, you can go to the Trash folder. You can find this folder on the left panel of Gmail.

Select the emails you want to restore by clicking the checkbox on each email. Next, click the tiny folder icon to move the selected emails. Select Inbox to get them back on the Inbox folder.

How to restore deleted emails on Gmail for Android

If you use Gmail for Android and accidentally deleted an important email, you can also get it back to the Inbox folder. On Gmail for Android, you can go to the Trash folder by tapping the three-line icon on the top-left corner.

To select emails, you can tap the profile icon of the senders.

To restore the selected emails, tap the three-dot icon on the top-right corner and select Mote to -> Primary.

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