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How to Schedule Email in Gmail

Unless you are using a third party Gmail client, there is no way to schedule an email in Gmail. You may can utilize another Google service, Google Calendar to remind you writing a new email in a certain date to ensure you are not missing any message. But, it means that you have to postpone your task which can get your tasks so stack up.

There are many Gmail plugins out there to make your work become easier, including the ones to help you schedule gmail messages. One of the tools which you can use to handle this task is Boomerang. Using this tool, you can write as many as you want Gmail messages and send them later based on the certain schedule you have set. But, you have to be a Google Chrome user to use this tool.

Boomerang is a Google Chrome extension to bring the “Send Later” feature to Gmail. It is a great tool for anyone who want to communicate with people in different time zones. Busy people like you can also take advantages of this tool to write multiple messages at once to send them in different time.

You can use Boomerang for free but limited to only 10 messages per month. If you need to schedule more than 10 messages per month you can upgrade your free plan to paid ones — which start fromĀ $4.99/Month — anytime.

Here is how to use the tool.

  • Visit this link and click the Install Boomerang button to install in on your Chrome.

  • Login to Gmail and try to write a new message. By now, you have a new button right beneath the Gmail Send button.

As you can see. There is an option to enable you schedule your gmail messages. Just be sure to check the Boomerang option (next to Boomerang icon) before clicking the Send Later button.



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