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How to Schedule Emails on Gmail without Add-on

On the last April 1, the Gmail developer team announced that they have just released a new feature for Gmail. The feature is schedule. Just like the name suggests, this feature allows you to schedule emails. It is probably a long awaited feature, especially by those who use Gmail for business. Before this feature started to available, you need to install a third party add-on like Boomerang or Gmelius to schedule an email on Gmail.

This new schedule feature is available for all Gmail versions, be it Gmail on G Suite (custom domain) or free version of Gmail (gmail.com). The way this feature works is pretty simple. You can simply specify the time and date when you want your email to be sent to your recipients. Gmail will then send the email according to the time you have specified.

How to schedule Gmail emails on web

To schedule an email on web version of Gmail, visit the website of Gmail and login with your account just like usual and create a new email by clicking the Compose button on the upper-left corner. Write your email and enter the email address of your recipient. Once done, click the tiny arrow down icon on the Send button and click Schedule send.

Gmail offers three predefined schedules you can pick. You can also set a custom schedule by clicking Pick time & date. Click the Schedule send button once you are done picking the time and date.

How to schedule Gmail emails on Android and iOS

In addition to web, the new schedule feature of Gmail is also available on the mobile platform, be it Android and iOS. In this article we will demonstrate how to schedule an email on Android.

To get started, launch the Gmail app on your Android device and write a new email by tapping the plus button on the bottom-right corner. Enter the email address of your recipient and write the email. Once done, tap the three-dot icon on the top-right corner.

Select Schedule send and specify the time when you want your email to be sent. Same as web, there are also three predefined schedules you can pick. To set a custom schedule, tap Pick date & date. Tap Schedule send once you are done setting the schedule.

How to cancel the scheduled emails

Along with the launch of schedule feature, Gmail also added a new folder called “Scheduled”. You can find all scheduled emails on this folder. On Gmail for Android and iOS, you can find the folder by tapping the three-line icon on the upper-left corner, while on web, you can find it on the left panel within your Gmail dashboard.

Click or tap the email you want to cancel to open it and click the Cancel send link.


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