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How to Search for Emails Between Two Dates in Gmail

Sometimes, you need to search for old emails. Example. Your boss asks you to find emails from a certain client during a certain month. Or, you need to find all transaction emails during a certain month for a financial report need. The search feature of Gmail allows you to find emails with nearly all parameters, but for some specific parameters — such as searching for emails between two dates — you need a little trick as Gmail offers no option for such a specific parameter.

To find emails between two dates, you can use the following format:

after:year/month/day before:year/month/day

For example, if you want to find emails between August 1, 2020, and August 31, 2020, you can type the following format.

after:2020/08/01 before:2020/08/31

The format above will filter all emails between the specified dates (2020/08/01 to 2020/08/31 in this case) regardless of the number of emails. You can simply type it on the search box area (you need to type it manually).


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