How to Snooze an Email Without Add-on in Gmail

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How to Snooze an Email Without Add-on in Gmail

Recently, Google rolled out the new version of Gmail. There are several new features offered by Google on the latest version of Gmail. One of which is snooze.

Snooze is a useful enough feature and has long been waited by users. Previously, Gmail users who want to snooze certain emails had to rely on third party add-ons until snooze is available as a built-in feature. In the context of Gmail, snooze is a feature you can use to get rid of a certain email from the inbox under the Primary tab, but you don’t really delete it. You are just too busy dealing with other emails and have no time to read it yet.

When you snooze an email, the associated email will be disappear from the inbox for a certain span and returns once the snooze span is over. You can check the snoozed email on the “Snoozed” box on the left panel of Gmail.

Snoozing an email is extremely easy. Simply specify an email you want to snooze and hover your mouse over it. You will see a snooze icon on the right most of the floating menu.

Gmail offers four predefined spans of snooze: later today, tomorrow, this weekend and next week. If none them match the span you plan to, you can also set it yourself by selecting the Pick date & time option.

Snooze might is a simple feature, but it can help you a bit especially if you are too busy dealing with dozens business emails and have no time to read an email outside business.

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