5 Great Tools to Set Follow-Up Reminders on Gmail

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5 Great Tools to Set Follow-Up Reminders on Gmail

Gmail has evolved. It is now not just an email service for personal use. Google has added several features to make Gmail a great tool for business. Long-awaited built-in features like email scheduler have now been available on Gmail. Gmail also has a built-in follow-up reminder feature. It will remind you to follow-up an email after a certain number of days not get replied.

However, the follow-up reminder feature of Gmail is a bit tricky to understand. Gmail only shows the reminders for emails it considered as important emails. Whereas for business errands, all emails are important.

Setting a follow-up reminder for an email itself is crucial enough especially if you use Gmail to send a business proposal. It ensures you to send another email on the specified time to have your email get answered. Since Gmail doesn’t allow you to set follow-up reminders manually, the following are 5 of the best tools you can use to do so.

1. FollowUp.cc

The first tool you can use to set a follow-up reminder on Gmail is FollowUp.cc. This tool is pretty easy to use and works perfectly as a follow-up reminder tool. It adds a set of new options inside your email composer. You can simply click the Follow up button to set a follow-up reminder. There are several predefined schedules you can use instantly. You can also set a follow-up schedule manually.

The downside of FollowUp.cc is that it is only available for Google Chrome. So, if you don’t use Google Chrome on your daily basis, you will be forced to be a regular Google Chrome user. FollowUp.cc is a premium tool. You can try it for free for a testing purpose.

2. Boomerang

Boomerang is a great email marketing tool for Gmail, especially if you love something free. You can use it for free although restricted to only 10 messages per month. Boomerang itself is better known as an email scheduler tool, but this tool also has a feature to set up follow-up reminders. Once installed, Boomerang also adds a set of new options on the email composer of Gmail to allow you both set a follow-up reminder and schedule the email.

Boomerang also offers predefined follow-up schedules and you can also set a follow-up schedule yourself. A simple yet useful feature offered by Boomerang is a note that you can use to jot down a note to your email (the note won’t be sent to your recipient). Best of all, Boomerang has extensive support as it is not exclusively developed for Google Chrome. You can install this tool on Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 only), Opera, and Safari.

3. Yesware

Yesware is a complex email marketing tool which has several uses. One of which, you can use this tool to set follow-up reminders to strive your emails get answered. Yesware is a premium tool. You have 14 days to use this tool for free during the trial session. Yesware itself is not developed specifically for a specific web browser. There is no specific information about what web browsers it supports, but we have tested this tool on Google Chrome and Firefox.

Once installed, you will see sets of additional menus on your Gmail dashboard, including a menu bar beneath the search box. The follow-up reminder feature of Yesware itself is easy enough to use just like the two first tools above. You just need to click the bell icon on the email composer and choose one of the predefined reminder schedules. This tool also allows you to write an additional note to your email. Yesware also offers email templates.

4. Mailbutler

Mailbutler is not the tool you are looking for if you are not a Google Chrome user as it is only available for Google Chrome. This tool itself is not developed specifically to be a follow-up reminder tool. Instead, it is a complex email marketing tool with lots of features just like Yesware above. In addition to setting follow-up reminders, you can also use this tool to schedule emails and add a professional-look email signature. This tool also comes with an email tracker feature as well as allowing you to add a note to your email. Mailbutler itself is a paid tool. You are given 14 days to use it for free for a testing purpose.

5. Gmelius

Gmelius is an email marketing tool that has lots of features. Features like shared inbox, email delegation, email tracking, scheduler, and follow-up reminder are available on this tool. Gmelius is especially a great tool for teamwork although you can also use it for individual use. Gmelius is a freemium tool. You can use it for free although with some restrictions. The free version of Gmelius is restricted to 10 emails per month.

The way of Gmelius’ follow-up reminder feature works is not much different from the tools above. Once the browser extension is installed, you will a new button next to the Send button on the Gmail composer. Clicking this button will display four additional buttons, including the one to set the follow-up reminder (the bell button). The browser extension of Gmelius itself is available for Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

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