2 Simple Steps to Transfer Google Contacts

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2 Simple Steps to Transfer Google Contacts

For some reasons you may own more than one Gmail accounts. One for personal use, one for work. This is not illegal. Google allows its users to create more than one Gmail accounts.

Once you created a Gmail account and send an email to someone, you can save her/his email address to your Google Contacts. Google Contacts it self is a built-in feature of Gmail. Since maintaining many Gmail accounts sometimes can be confusing, you may start thinking of gathering all your Google Contacts to a single account. Unfortunately, Google offers no way to automatically sync contacts between two different Google accounts. So, you have to do it manually.

Don’t worry, it’s completely easy. Follow these steps to do.

1. Export

  • Login to your Gmail account that you want to transfer its contact and head to Contact menu on the top-left corner.


  • Select contacts that you want to transfer. If you want to transfer all contacts, just choose All.


  • Once you select all the contacts, click More on the tab menu and choose Export.


  • Click the Export button. Your file will be download to your default download location and will be named “google.csv”.

2. Import

  • Login to your main Gmail account and head to Contact menu on the top-left corner. You will be directed to the new Google Contacts page.


  • Click the Import menu on the left sidebar and choose CSV or vCard file. On the next pop up dialog, click GO TO OLD CONTACTS.


  • On the old Google Contacts page, click More and choose Import.


  • On the new pop up dialog, find your “google.csv” file and press the Import button.


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