Easy Steps to Transfer Messages from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

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Easy Steps to Transfer Messages from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Yahoo and Gmail are two big names in the email service. The two are currently being the most-used email services worldwide. With the security issue faced by Yahoo a few times ago people may start thinking to switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail.

Transferring messages from Yahoo Mail to Gmail is not a daunting task. Both are supporting each other to enable their users migrating from one service to another. Yahoo and Gmail use a third party service from ShuttleCloud to transfer the messages. However, you don’t need to install any additional app or plugin to transfer the messages.

Transferring messages from Yahoo Mail to Gmail has never as hard as you thought. You can even do it in a single page. I mean from Gmail page without having to open Yahoo page on another tab. Follow these steps if you want to transfer your messages from Yahoo Mail to Gmail.

Simple Steps to transfer messages from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

  • Login to Gmail with your Gmail account and click on the gear icon that is located at the top-right corner and choose Settings.

  • On the Settings page choose the Accounts and Import tab and click the Import mail and contacts link on the Import mail and contacts section.

  • On the appearing pop-up please enter the Yahoo Mail address of the account you want to transfer the messages from and then click Continue.

  • Gmail will check the availability of the Yahoo Mail account. Click Continue button again to continue and you will be prompted to login to your Yahoo to authorize ShuttleCloud accessing the messages from Yahoo Mail and deliver them to your Gmail. Click the Next button once typed your Yahoo Mail address.

  • Click the Agree button to give an authorization to ShuttleCloud and then close the window to continue.

  • You have three options of the things you want to transfer from Yahoo to Gmail like shown in the image below. If you want to totally migrate from Yahoo Mail to Gmail then you can include contacts. Meanwhile, if you just want to transfer the messages you can uncheck the Import contacts options. Click on the Start import button to continue.

The importing process can be vary depend on how many messages you have in you Yahoo account. According to a brief description from Yahoo it can take up to 2 days. But, when I tried to import about 1,000 messages it only takes less than an hours.

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