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How to Effortlessly Turn a Gmail Message to a Todoist Task

Todoist user? Did you know that you can effortlessly turn a Gmail message to a Todoist task?

Todoist is a productivity tool that allows you organize tasks, whether personal tasks or job-related tasks. Unlike task management tools like Trello and Asana, Todoist comes with simpler features but powerful enough to get things organized.

You can use Todoist regardless the platform you use. Todoist is available for all major platforms from Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone, Apple Watch to Wear OS-based smartwatches. Todoist also support much integrations. One of which is with Gmail. As the tittle of this article suggests, the Todoist-Gmail integration allows you effortlessly turn a Gmail message into a Todoist task. Before being able to do so, you need to install a browser extension of Todoist first, which is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This article will show you how to integrate Todoist with Gmail on Chrome.

Firstly, you need to install a Chrome extension of Todoist by visiting this page. Click the ADD TO CHROME button to install Todoist extension to Chrome.

Once installed, you should see a new Todoist icon at the Chrome icon bar.

Assuming that you are logging in to Todoist, open Gmail and login with your account. Open a message you want to turn into a task then click the Todoist icon and click again at the plus icon.

Lastly, click the Add email as task link.

The extension will use the email subject as the task title, but you can also rename it if you want.

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