4 Extensions to Block Page Elements in Google Chrome

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4 Extensions to Block Page Elements in Google Chrome

A web page can contain several elements, other than its main content. Unfortunately, not all elements are really necessary. Some elements even appear to be annoying especially when they take more portion on the screen than the main content. If you use Google Chrome, there are several extensions you can install to block a certain element of a web page.

In general, an ad banner is often considered as one of the most annoying elements, especially if it is not placed in a proper place. Basically, all elements that are not placed on the spots they should be are sucks, including — probably — the floating social media button.

Here are some Google Chrome extensions you can use to block unwanted elements on a web page.

1. Click to Remove Element

Just like the name suggests, you can simply click the elements you don’t want to see on a web page. You can use this extension to get rid of the annoying elements in order to get focused on the content. However, this extension has no capability to block an ad banner. The use of Click to Remove Element is pretty simple. You can simply click the extension icon on the icon bar of Google Chrome, followed by clicking the elements you want to block. You can see the blocked elements on a popup that appears on the lower corner of the screen. To restore the block elements, simply click the “x” icon on the blocked elements.

2. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is powerful when it comes to element blocking. It is capable of blocking elements of a web page based on a wide range of parameters. For instance, you can block all elements that use JavaScript (most ad banners use JavaScript). It also allows you to block popup elements as well as large media. Having uBlock Origin installed on your Google Chrome, you can make a website to be loaded faster.

uBlock Origin also offers a manual selection like Click to Remove Element. With uBlock Origin extension installed, you can right-click anywhere on a web page and select Block element and select the elements you want to block.

3. ChuckIt

ChuckIt seems automatically block all JavaScript elements of a webpage. After installing this extension, you will no longer see any ad banner on a webpage. ChuckIt also allows you to manually select the elements you want to temporarily remove. First, you need to activate the plugin by clicking its icon on the icon bar. To remove an element, you can right-click the element you want to remove and it will automatically be removed by ChuckIt. Unfortunately, this extension offers no window to show the list of the blocked elements like the first two extensions above.

4. ElementHider

ElementHider offers auto-blocking instead of manual selection. You can simply enter the keywords of the elements you want to block. For instance, if you want to block all content from Facebook, you can type “facebook^”. Or, if you don’t want to see any ad content, you can simply type “ads”. You can click the ElementHider icon on the icon bar to enter the keywords. You can add several keywords by typing them per line.

ElementHider will block all of the elements that contain a keyword listed on its database. Every time you visit a webpage that contains elements from the blocked keywords, the elements will be hidden automatically by the extension.

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