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How to Block Facebook on Google Chrome

There are many tips you can apply to help you keep productive while work. If you are the kind of person who can’t refrain from accessing social media sites, Facebook in particular, then you need to apply this last option: blocking Facebook. In Google Chrome, you can block Facebook easily thanks to Block Site.

Block Site is a handy Chrome extension that enables you to block potentially distracting websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and lots more. You can use this extension to block Facebook on a certain spans. For instance, you probably want to block Facebook only during working hours from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Every time you tried to access Facebook (and other sites on the blocked list), Block Site will redirect you to a specified page containing warning message. Furthermore, Block Site also allows you set the custom redirect page. Here is how to use Block Site to block Facebook on Chrome.

  • Firsts and foremost. You need to install Block Site to your Chrome first before being able to use it. Visit this page and click the ADD TO CHROME button to install Block Site on your Chrome.

  • You will see a new icon on the Chrome icon bar once Block Site is successfully installed. Click the Block Site icon and select Options.

  • On the Blocked Sites menu, enter Facebook on the available box and press the Add page button. Type the Facebook site address without “www” and “http://” attributes.

  • By now, you won’t able to access Facebook. To set the custom redirect page, just enter your preferred page on the Default redirect page column and click the Set button.

Block Facebook on certain spans on Chrome

The method above will be blocking Facebook all the time until you remove Facebook from the blocked list or disabling Block Site on your Chrome. As I mentioned earlier, Block Site also enables you to block Facebook in a certain span. To make it clear, I am going to take an example on how to block Facebook on the working hours (9 AM to 5 PM) from Monday to Friday.

  • Go to the Active Days & Times menu.

  • Uncheck the Sunday and Saturday option and enter the start and finish time.

  • Lastly, select Facebook from the dropdown menu and press the Add domain days/times button.

Enabling the blocking rules on Incognito mode

I know, retaining from accessing Facebook is not an easy job. You probably think of something like “ah, I can bypass the blocking rules by switching to Incognito mode”. Be discipline. In order to apply the blocking rules you have just set on the whole Chrome, including Incognito, you can follow these steps.

  • Click the Chrome menu button and select More tools –> Extensions.

  • On the Block Site section, check the Allow in incognito option.

Final words

No matter what you do to block Facebook and other potentially distracting sites on Facebook. It won’t work if you have no discipline attitude. The key is keep in your self, 🙂

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