2 Simple Steps to Block YouTube on Chrome

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2 Simple Steps to Block YouTube on Chrome

There are two common reasons why people want to block YouTube. First, they can’t be productive since refraining from accessing YouTube is not an easy job. There will be so many tempting thumbnails when you are watching a video on YouTube, leading you to waste your time in which you supposed to use to work.

Second, you have a limited bandwidth so there is no option for you to not blocking some bandwidth-thirsty sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Whatever your reason, blocking YouTube has never been as hard as you thought. In Chrome, you can even do this in minutes. There are several extensions which you can use to block YouTube on Chrome. In this article, I am going to show you how to block YouTube on Chrome using Block Site.

Block Site is a pretty handy extension which you can use to block any potentially distracting and bandwidth-wasting sites like YouTube. It’s very easy to configure. Follow these two simple steps on how to block YouTube on Chrome using the extension.

Step 1: install Block Site

First and foremost, the very first thing you need to do before being able to use Block Site on Chrome is by installing the extension itself.

  • Simply visit this link and click the ADD TO CHROME button.

  • Once the extension is successfully installed, you should see a new icon on the Chrome icon bar.

Step 2: configure Block Site

Now, it’s time play. Block Site comes with a number of options. You can use this extension to block YouTube in a certain period. For instance, you can use it to block YouTube only during the working hours from 9 AM to 17 PM. Outside of that hours, you can access YouTube as you want.

Since we care about your productivity, I am going to make a scenario. You will be using Block Site to block YouTube on the working hours during weekdays. From 9 AM to 17 PM. From Monday to Friday.

  • Click the Block Site icon on the Chrome icon bar and select Options.

  • On the Blocked Sites menu, enter the YouTube site address on the available box. Type the YouTube address without both “www” and “http://”. Press the Add page button.

  • Go to the Active Days & Times menu and uncheck the Sunday and Saturday options on the Domain section.

  • Set the start and finish time and select “YouTube” on the dropdown menu and press the Add domain days/times button.

Done. By now, you won’t be able to access YouTube during the working hours from Monday to Friday. Just for suggestion. Be discipline when adopting this method. Don’t try to uninstall the Block Site on Chrome!

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  1. Not much use if you’re trying to block YT on a child’s school Chromebook. Since the router is unable to block it (piece of s**t Linksys) and we can’t install our own software (school-owned device) we need a different way to block it.


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