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How to Change Default Chrome Tab with Beautiful Photos from Unsplash

Every photographer has a favorite website to showcase their works or see other’s to get some ideas for the next shot. Unsplash is one of the great websites to showcase your best shots just like a pro. You don’t have to visit Unsplash site to see beautiful photos from Unsplash. If you are a Google Chrome user, you can instantly view beautiful photos from Unsplash by installing Unsplash Instant Chrome extension.

Unsplash Instant makes it easy to discover the best shots submitted to Unsplash. The photos will be displayed randomly every time you open a new tab in Google Chrome. There are some actions you can do over each photo like downloading it, give your like or share it to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Is this extension require an internet connection to work? No, but yes. What its mean?.

Unsplash Instant is basically still works even if you have no internet connection. It’s just, you will only see a single photo until you have internet connection. And of course, you can’t download the image or giving your “heart” without having an internet connection.

Install Unsplash Instant in Google Chrome

Installing Unsplash Instant in Google Chrome is extremely easy. Just visit this URL and click the ADD TO CHROME button. Once it’s installed you will start seeing a random beautiful photos taken by folks in Unsplash.

Here is your you tab will looks like.


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