How to Check Which Sites Cause Your Chrome Runs Slowly

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How to Check Which Sites Cause Your Chrome Runs Slowly

Thanks to the tab feature offered by modern web browsers — including Google Chrome — you can work on multiple tasks at once to get more things done more quickly. On the other hand, opening too many tabs at the same time can cause your Chrome runs slowly. Especially on a low specs computers. There will be some lags are happen.

In case you didn’t know, Chrome has a built-in task manager which you can use to check all of the running tabs as well as extensions, complete with the memory consumption. The task manager of Chrome is pretty similar to Windows’s Task Manager. You can also use it to kill certain processes causing your Chrome runs slowly.

How to check if a process (website in this case) causes your Chrome runs slowly? You can check the memory consumption of each process. If a process consumes more memory than other running processes, it can be an indication that the concerned process is the main cause that leads your Chrome into a problem.

Once you found a process that consumes too much memory, you can simply kill it by pressing the End process button on the bottom right of the task manager window.

How to run task manager on Chrome

You can run the task manager of Chrome by clicking the three-dot icon on the top-right corner to access the Chrome menu. Select More tools –> Task manager.

Or, if your Chrome is already in trouble and started to experience some lag, you can run Chrome task manager via shortcut by pressing the Shift+Esp button on your keyboard.

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