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9 Best Chrome Bookmark Extensions

All modern web browsers, including Google Chrome, actually have a bookmark manager that enable you to manage the webpages you have bookmarked. However, they are probably not really what you want. Probably, you want a bookmark manager that save the bookmarked pages online so you can access them across devices. Lucky for you, Chrome has tens of bookmark extensions developed by third parties, which you can find on the Chrome Web Store.

In this post we have covered how to take advantage of Chrome default bookmark manager to properly manage your bookmarks. But again, you can only access the bookmarked pages through the same browser, which is less flexible if you often work with different devices.

If you don’t like the default bookmark manager of Chrome and prefer to use a bookmark manager developed by third parties, here are some extensions you can try.

1. Save to Pocket

Pocket is one of the best online bookmark managers. You can use this service to bookmark interesting webpages you potentially find during browsing and save them online. That way, you can access those pages from any device. Pocket provides a Chrome extension called Save to Pocket that makes it easy for you to bookmark a webpage. Just click the Pocket icon at the Chrome icon bar and the page will be saved. When bookmarking a webpage you can also add tags to make your bookmarked pages be more organized. Unfortunately, you keep need to visit the Pocket website for further bookmark management. At least, you don’t have to visit the Pocket website only to bookmark a page.

2. Raindrop.io: “Save Button” for Web

Raindrop.io is online bookmark manager service, same as Pocket. The service also provides a Chrome extension to ease you adding new bookmarks. The bookmark extension offered by Raindrop.io is named Raindrop.io: “Save Button” for Web. This extension is pretty cool and do a better job than Pocket’s extension. In addition to adding new bookmarks, you can also manage the bookmarked pages directly from the extension without having to visit the Raindrop.io website. At the first launch of extension you will be questioned how do you want to use the Raindrop.io extension. You should choose the “Mini App” option to get the full functionality of Raindrop.io extension as a bookmark manager.

3. booky.io Extension

booky.io Extension is a Chrome bookmark extension offered by booky.io, an online bookmarking service. This extension is also primarily designed to ease you in adding new bookmarks. When adding a new bookmark, you can add a description to describe what the page is about. You can also select a category, whether from the existing category or creating a new one, to make your bookmark be more organized. The extension also allows you to browse the existing bookmarks so you can effortlessly open your bookmarks without needing to open the booky.io website.

4. Add to Bookmax

Add to Bookmax is a Chrome extension offered by Bookmax. This extension is aimed to help you adding new bookmarks with ease, without needing to visit the Bookmax site only to add new bookmarks. You can also select folder or create a new one when adding a new bookmark, as well as adding description and changing the title. Sadly, there is no feature to manage the existing bookmarks.

5. Diigo Web Collector

Diigo Web Collector is the Chrome extension of Diigo. Diigo itself is known as a service to manage research references. Its service also include bookmarking. The Diigo Web Collector the extension you can use to add new bookmarks to Diigo. When adding a bookmark to Diigo with this extension you can also add tags as well as description. Diigo Web Collector also allows you to access the existing bookmarks on Diigo. Diigo Web Collector is a bit similar to Evernote Web Clipper where you can also take a screenshot of a webpage and annotate it.

6. Bookmark Manager Speed Dial

Bookmark Manager Speed Dial is a Chrome extension offered by Papaly. Papaly itself is also an online bookmark manager. The extension of Bookmark Manager Speed Dial can also be used to instantly add new bookmarks to Papaly without needing to visit the website of Papaly. When adding a new bookmark, this extension also allows you to select an existing category or create a new one to ensure your bookmark are well arranged.

7. Bookmark Sidebar

Bookmark Sidebar works differently than other bookmark extensions above. It’s not an extension of any online bookmarking service. Just like the name suggests, Bookmark Sidebar moves your bookmarks to the sidebar for easier access. You can set how to open the sidebar, whether through a moseover, left click, right click or click on the icon. You can also set the sidebar position. Bookmark Sidebar features a drag and drop functionality to arrange bookmarks.

8. Dewey Bookmarks

Dewey is another online bookmarking service that you can use to bookmark webpages online. The service also provides a Chrome extension to makes it easy for you to add new bookmarks with a single click. To ensure your bookmarks are well arranged for easier discovery, you can add tags as well as selecting a group when adding a new bookmark. The way Dewey extension works is not far different to the majority of extensions mentioned above.

9. Tagpacker’s “Pack It” Button

Tagpacker’s “Pack It” Button is a Chrome extension offered by Tagpacker. As an online bookmarking service, Tagpacker is probably not as popular as, for instance, Pocket. But, it doesn’t mean that Tagpacker has a lack of quality. Tagpacker is a cool online bookmarking service. The extension of Tagpacker’s “Pack It” Button makes it easy for you to add new bookmarks on Tagpacker. This extension will automatically read the beginning sentence of the article of the webpage you want to bookmark so you don’t have to manually adding description. You can also add tags for a better bookmark management.

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