5 Best Chrome Extensions to Schedule Emails in Gmail

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5 Best Chrome Extensions to Schedule Emails in Gmail

If you have read our previous post about recommended Gmail plugins for marketing, then you could see that there is a plugin you can use to schedule Gmail emails called Boomerang. Apparently, Boomerang is not the only tool to do so. There are several other tools with the same functionality.

As you knew, Gmail has no feature to allow you to schedule emails. For some online marketers, scheduling emails is an important thing to do. Especially those who have a global consumers since we have several different time zones in this planet. If you want your emails to be read in a certain time of your consumer time zones then you have to schedule them.

If you use Google Chrome, following are some best extensions to schedule your Gmail emails.

1. Boomerang

As we have mentioned in this article, Boomerang is a browser extension you can use to schedule your Gmail messages. This extension is available for popular web browsers, including Google Chrome. In addition to scheduling messages, you can also use it as a reminder. The way Boomerang works is pretty simple. It adds a new button on the Gmail composer, as well as scheduling options. Boomerang itself is a freemium tool. For a trial, you can try the free version which offers 10 messages per month. Other features offered by Boomerang include response tracking, click tracking, inbox pause and so on.

2. Right Inbox

As I mentioned earlier above, Boomerang is not the only tool that offers Gmail scheduling. Right Inbox is another tool you can use. It is also available for popular web browsers, including Google Chrome. The way this tool works is not much different to Boomerang. Once you have Right Inbox extension installed on your Chrome you will see a new button called “Send Later” on the Gmail composer. Right Inbox comes with a number predefined times to schedule your messages. Or, you can also set a specific time yourself. Other features offered by this tool include email reminders, recurring emails and private notes. Right Inbox also adopts a freemium business model.

3. Gmelius

Gmelius is a complex enough Gmail scheduling tool. You will find such features as recurring email, reminder, email tracking, email assignment and many others. Gmelius tends to be projected to be a CRM software. If all you need its Gmail scheduler, you can try to install the extension of Gmelius on your Chrome to figure out if it suits your need. Same as two first tools above, Gmelius also adopts a freemium business model. The email scheduler of Gmelius also features a number of predefined times.

4. SalesHandy

Just like the name suggests, SalesHandy is a handy email marketing tool. The tool also provides a Chrome extension which you can use to schedule the message you write. The way SalesHandy Chrome extension works is the same as other tools above. After installing the extension and making the authorization, you will also see something different on your Gmail composer. Right below the Send button you will see four new icons, including a schedule icon. A pop-up will appear each time you press the schedule icon. The extension of SalesHandy doesn’t offer predefined times so you have to set the schedules yourself. If you want, you can also track the email you want to send by clicking the checklists icon. You can schedule as many messages as you want with this tool.

5. MailTag

MailTag is another tool you can use to get the most out of your email marketing campaign. There are a bunch of features you can make use of. MailTag also offers a Chrome extension that turns your Gmail composer into something different. Once you have the extension of MailTag installed on your Chrome, you will see three new icons next to the Send button, including a schedule icon. If you don’t mind your emails to be sent with MailTag signature watermark, you can schedule as many emails as you want with MailTag.

Final words

There are probably many other similar Chrome extensions you can use to schedule Gmail messages. When writing this article, I actually have compiled several other tools, but when I tried them, only five extensions above working.

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