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9 Best Time Tracking Extensions for Google Chrome

As the saying goes, time is money. And because money is something valuable, you need to manage it carefully. Knowing how you spent your time can be a crucial aspect to get successful with something you do. And, time tracking tool can be a good utility to help you to learn how you spend your times during working with your computer.

If you use Google Chrome on your daily basis, there are plenty of time tracking extensions that you can use.

A time tracking tool usually is used by project managers to track the working times of their team, but you can also use it for personal use as a self-improvement effort. Most time tracking tools provide a report that tells you how did you spend this day or yesterday. Did you productive enough? Or, did you waste too much time?

Understanding that kind of things is very good for self-improvement. You will be far more productive than before. From the project manager’s glasses, time tracking tool could be a great tool to ensure their team productivity.

For Google Chrome users, here are some time tracking extensions that you can use for tracking your — as well as your team — activities.

1. Harvest

The first time tracking extension you can try is Harvest. This is one of the well-known time tracking tools used by project managers. They mostly integrate this tool with project management tools like Asana or Trello. You can install Harvest on several platforms from Android, iOS, macOS and of course, Google Chrome.

Harvest comes with a nice reporting. This tool will collate the raw timesheet data into a visual summary of where your team’s time is going. In addition to time tracking, Harvest also has functionality to track your business’s expenses. You can set hourly and fee-based budgets to track projects.

2. Hubstaff

The main purpose of Hubstaff is not far different to Harvest. This tool is also projected to be used by project managers as a time tracking tool for gauge productivity. This tool supports more platforms than Harvest. You can use this tool on Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook Android and iOS. The Chrome extension of Hubstaff will log your activities. It will make a log of the websites you visit and time you spent on each website. While you can use Hubstaff to track your team’s time, you can also use it as a personal time tracking to help you make some correction and enhance your productivity.

3. Everhour

The first two time tracking tools mentioned above are freemium tools, which mean you can use them for free though paid version are also available. Unlike two tools above, Everhour doesn’t offer a free version. But you are given a 14-day trial to give it a try. If you want to continue using it then you need to be a paid member. Overall, the features and functionalities of Everhour are nor far different to Harvest and Hubstaff. This tool is meant to help project managers keep an eye of their team’s time. Everhour also supports a wide range of integrations.

4. Toggl

Toggl has a similarity to Hubstaff in terms of availability. This time tracking tools supports more platforms than Everhour and Harvest. The Chrome extension of this tool allows you to create a new task and track your activities on it in real time. This tool is also meant to help project managers to track their team’s time. Toggl also supports a large number of integrations to make your teamwork be much easier. To use all of features offered by this tool you need to be a paid member since Toggl is a freemium tool. If you are interested in learning more, you can check a review of Toggl on this page.

5. Simple Time Track

The downside of time tracking tools like Toggl and other tools mentioned above is that it takes more more times to learn how to use them. If you need a simpler time tracking tool then you need to give Simple Time Track a try. This extension only has one purpose. It helps you to measure how long it takes to get a certain task done. For instance, you might curious about how long you usually need to finish an article for your blog. Simple Time Track allows you to export tracking reports as a CSV file for further analysis.

6. Tick Time Tracking

Tick Time Tracking is another complex time tracking tool that you can use to track the working times of you team. This time tracking tool also comes with a number of integrations. The Chrome extension of Tick Time Tracking allows you adding new time entry as well as editing the existing ones. Tick Time Tracking is also a freemium tool. The free version only allows you to add one project, but as many possible of team member.

7. TMetric

TMetric is also a time tracking tool that is meant to help project managers to track the working hours of their team. This tool is available for major platforms from Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Meanwhile, the browser extension of TMetric is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and also Opera. You can use the Chrome extension of TMetric to add new time entry. TMetric can be used for free with several restrictions. The overall features of TMetric are not far different to other similar tools on this list. You can also integrate it with other collaboration tools like Asana, Trello, GitHub, BaseCamp and so on.

8. Time Track Turbo

Same as most tools on this list, Time Track Turbo is also a complex tracking tool that helps project managers to track the working times of their team. Nevertheless, you can also use this tool for tracking your own performance. The free version of Time Track Turbo offers very limited features. Plus, you have to see ads. The Chrome extension of this time tracking tool provides a start button as well as stop button for existing projects you have on Time Track Turbo.

9. Awesome Timesheet

Awesome Timesheets is relatively simpler than other tools on this list (except for Simple Time Track). This time tracking tool is easier to use and learn. It will record your activities and you can see the report whether daily or weekly. A simple but useful feature of Awesome Timesheets that not all of similar tools have is Today’s Plan which you can use to manage your today’s plans. In order to get the most out of this tool you can create an Odoo account to be integrated with.

Final words

There are basically more other time tracking tools out there. However, not all of them offer a Chrome extension. And also, not all of the Chrome extension offered by those tools can run seamlessly on Chrome. All of the the time tracking extensions for Chrome mentioned above have been tested and can run very well on Chrome.

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