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Google Chrome makes it easy for users who want to convert a webpage into PDF. Without needing to install additional extension you can easily turn a certain webpage into a PDF document in seconds.

If you spend your most day working with internet, there will be a situation whereby you want to convert a certain webpage into a PDF. Probably, you want to go somewhere in a remote location and you want to take the article offline so can read it without having to connect to the internet.

Or, you probably want to print a webpage but the computer you are using has no access to a printer so you decide to convert the webpage into a PDF so you can copy it to other computer that has a printer access, using USB flash drive.

Whatever the situation that makes you want to convert a webpage into a PDF document, here is how to do it. The method below won’t only works on Chrome, but also other browsers that use Blink as the engine, including Opera and Vivaldi.

  • Open a webpage you want to convert to PDF.
  • Click the Chrome menu and select Print. Or simply press the Ctrl+P button.
  • A print dialog box will appear. On this dialog box you can set some settings like the pages you want to print and the layout of your PDF document (portrait or landscape). ┬áIf you need more settings you can click the More settings link.

  • Once you done with the settings, click the Save button.

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