How to Create A Shortcut to A Web Page in Chrome

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How to Create A Shortcut to A Web Page in Chrome

There are several ways to open a web page quickly in Google Chrome with adding a bookmark being the most common method. You can also add the web page you are currently reading to desktop and revisit it later with a single click. This method is pretty handy if you are conducting a research and accidentally stumbled on a website related to the research you are conducting but have no time to read it at the moment now.

To create a desktop shortcut of a web page in Google Chrome, first visit the web page you want to create the desktop shortcut of and click the the Chrome main menu (three-dot icon on the top-right corner) and select More tools -> Create shortcut.

Give your shortcut a name on the appearing pop-up dialog and click the Create button. A new shortcut item will be added on your desktop right after you have clicked the Create button.

Google Chrome itself will treat every shortcut you created as an app. Apart from desktop, you can also access the shortcuts you have created via launcher on your operating system. If you use Windows 10, you can find the shortcuts under the Chrome Apps folder on the start menu.

The web pages you open via shortcut will be open on the standalone windows without any menus, tabs, or other standard browser components, similar to that of a Chrome Web Store app.

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  1. You should add that you can check or uncheck the “open as window” box to choose whether it opens in its own window or not. If you uncheck it, it will open as a tab. At least that’s how it works in chrome os. I assume it’s the same in other Operating Systems.