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Simple Steps to Enable Chrome Extensions in Incognito Mode

Google Chrome has a feature to allow you brows the web privately. It’s called Incognito. When browsing the web in the normal mode you allow Google Chrome to record your browsing history and storing cookies. Incognito mode is contrary.

To make everything be more private while browsing in the incognito mode, Google Chrome disables all of the installed extensions. It’s because Google Chrome can’t guarantee for what those extensions do with your personal information while you are browsing the web in the incognito mode.

Sometimes, you want a certain extension to run when surfing the web in the incognito mode. For instance, you want to check the technologies behind a certain website using Builtwith. If it’s what you want, you can actually get it easily. No advanced, complex steps or additional extension are required. All you need is a bit more thoroughly.

Google Chrome allows you to manually enable every extension to run on the incognito mode. Here’s how.

Enable Chrome Extensions in Incognito Mode

  • Launch your Google Chrome and click the three-dots icon at the top right corner. Choose More tools –> Extensions. Or you can also type “chrome://extensions” on the address bar.

  • You will be brought to the extensions manager page. This page shows all the extensions you have installed whether they are being activated or not. Right below the activated extensions you will see an option called Allow in incognito. Just check that option to allow certain extension run on incognito mode.



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