6 Google Chrome Extensions to Help You Keep Focused

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6 Google Chrome Extensions to Help You Keep Focused

The idea of multi-tab in every web browser is actually helpful. No doubt about it. We can do more than one tasks at the same so we can finish more tasks.

However, it can also be disrupting for those want to focus on a specific task. Seriously, preventing our self to open other tab is almost impossible. That’s why getting focus while working with web browser is really a big challenge.

If you are a Google Chrome user, there are several Google Chrome extensions that you can use to help you keep focused, save time and improve your productivity. The list below will show you those extensions.

1. Momentum

Momentum is one of my favorites. This extension helps you keep focused on what you are going to do today. You can write a to do list and it will appear every time you open a new tab on your Google Chrome. This is a kind of reminder. The extension will also change the boring default tab on Google Chrome with a random background. You can even add your own image to become a background on Momentum.

2. Waste Your Time

Did you ever wonder how long you spend your time for a site?. You can rely on Waste Your Time to measure how long you wasted your time viewing a specific website a day. The result will be showed in a list consisting minute and second.

3. StayFocusd

The idea of StayFocusd may be is inspired by internet proxy which is be used to block any prohibited site. StayFocusd is really helpful if you want to keep focused doing your task without allowing your self to access other websites. You can use this extension to block a specific domain, sub domain and even a specific page of a site.

You can do a customization while blocking a site. For example, you way want block twitter.com but allow search.twitter.com.

4. RemindMe

Another simple reminder to alert you of something to do. What makes RemindMe cooler is its ability to alert you even if you switched to another device, as long as you keep using Google Chrome and synced your bookmark.

5. Nanny for Google Chrome

Nanny is a Google Chrome extension combination between StayFocusd and Waste Your Time. This extension helps you block specific URLs to prevent you accessing them. While blocking a URL you can set how long it will be blocked a day. You can also measure how long you spend your time accessing a site.

6. Block Site

Just like StayFocusd and Nanny, Block Site also has the ability to block any sites you consider as disruption. You can also set a specific time of how long each site is blocked in a day. In order you can also block any sites that contains specific keyword.

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