43 Essential Google Chrome Shortcuts (PDF)

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43 Essential Google Chrome Shortcuts (PDF)

Google Chrome is the current leader of web browser. Like it or or, you have to accept that Google Chrome is a web browser with the most user on this planet. If you are also a Google Chrome user, chances are you sometimes use a keyboard shortcut instead of mouse to perform certain act. Like Ctrl+Tto open a new tab, for instance. Google Chrome itself offers tens of shortcuts you can use to perform certain acts to replace mouse clicks.

Making use of shortcuts can help improving your productivity when working with Chrome. You don’t need to always rely on mouse only to perform simple acts like opening new tab, bookmarking certain pages and so on. But, where you can see the full list of Google Chrome shortcuts?

Google has a great documentation regarding Chrome. You can figure out the shortcuts of Chrome on this page, but if you prefer a PDF version instead of web, I have created a PDF sheet which you can download below.

There are about 43 shortcuts I added to the list on the sheet below. They all work on Chrome on Windows and Linux. If you use Mac you can replace the Ctrl button on each shortcut with the Command button.

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