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How to Group Tabs in Google Chrome

Modern web browsers allow you to open multiple tabs in a single window. However, opening too many tabs when working is not good enough when it comes to productivity. Perceiving too many tabs can distract your focus. If you use Google Chrome, you can now group tabs and hide them (the grouped tabs) with a single click. This way, you can focus on the current tab you are working with, without too many distractions as only one tab that opens. Take a look at the screencast below.

This new feature started available in the newer version of Google Chrome released in August 2020. You can simply update your Google Chrome to the latest version to use this feature. This feature is great to improve productivity as fewer tabs mean more focus. Previously, you had to install an extension to manage tabs in Google Chrome.

Grouping tabs in Google Chrome

First off, right-click one of the tabs and select Add to new group.

On the appearing popup, give your group a name and select a color you like.

To add a tab into a group, you can simply drag it to the group you want to add to.

To hide the grouped tabs, you can simply click the group label. Likewise, you can click the group label to show the list of tabs on the associated group.

Not only you can hide the grouped tabs to improve your focus, but you can also close them in a single click and take them to another Google Chrome window. You can right-click the tabs group label to do so.

To delete a group, you can right-click the tabs group label and select Ungroup. To rename it, you can simply replace the current name with your preferred new name (you can also change the label color).

To remove a certain tab from a group, you can right-click the tab you want to remove and select Remove from group.

The bottom line

When working with a web browser, opening fewer tabs is one of the ways to improve productivity as fewer tabs allow you to get more focused on the things you are working on. If you have to open multiple tabs, you can hide the tabs that are currently not in use and simply open them once you need them. The newest feature of Google Chrome allows you to group tabs and hide them in a single click.

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