4 Best Remote Desktop Extensions for Google Chrome

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4 Best Remote Desktop Extensions for Google Chrome

A long time ago, you may never imagined that someday you can work with your computer even if physically you don’t interact with it. The technology of remote desktop make it possible for anyone to access their computer from anywhere, as long as both devices are connected to internet.

If you work with Google Chrome, there are several options of extensions that you can use to access your desktop remotely. This will be useful when you have to go somewhere while, in other hand, you have to finish your job. As long as your desktop (that you want to remote) is connected to the internet and has a remote desktop server installed, you can work from anywhere with your Google Chrome. But, to make it possible you have to — of course — have remote desktop extension installed on your Chrome.

Here are the top 4 best remote desktop extension for Google Chrome.

1. VNC Viewer for Google Chrome

VNC is the first object when it comes to remote desktop. This is one of the most favorite remote desktop apps. The plus (and most important) point of this app is that it is available for most platform such as Windows, Mac and Linux. You don’t have to always use a desktop client app to access your desktop with VNC. There is a Google Chrome extension called VNC Viewer for Google Chrome that you can use too.

2. Teamviewer Remote Desktop

TeamViewer is another well-known remote desktop application that is available for all platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and even Chrome OS. This service also offers a Google Chrome extension that allows you access your desktop remotely using your Google Chrome. No matter which machine you want to access, as long as it has TeamViewer installed, you can always access remotely with your lovely Google Chrome through VNC Viewer for Google Chrome.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Google also has its own remote desktop extension to enable everyone accessing their machine from Google Chrome. The official remote desktop extension developed by Google called Chrome Remote Desktop. With this extension you can access your machine or someone else’s from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

4. Zoho Assist Free Remote

Last but not least. Zoho Assist Free Remote is also a good choice for accessing your desktop remotely. Sometimes, remotely accessing computers can be a pain, especially when the person who needs help doesn’t want to fiddle with programs to get everything working. That’s what Zoho Assist Free Remote does best. It’s a free remote assistance tool for Chrome and works much different than the other apps above.

Clicking on the app in the Chrome bar prompts you to fill out an email. From there the remote user gets a link to join the sharing session. What’s great about this is that the Zoho Assist link will walk the user through a detailed process of how to get the program installed and how to join the connection.


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