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Replace Your Default New Chrome Tab with Beautiful Artworks with This Extension

Art lovers, imagine if you could see a beautiful artwork every time you opened up a new tab in your browser. Art Up Your Tab could make that dream come true. But, you need to be a Google Chrome user first in order to do that.

Art Up Your Tab is a Chrome extension that will turn your default new Chrome tab — which usually a Google Search box — with beautiful artworks by talented artists around Europe from the 18th century to the current era. All artworks are selected from the collection of Europeana. The artwork can be painting or photograph.

Europeana itself is a platform that brings together digitized heritage across Europe. The digital library of Europeana contains approximately 30 million images from over 3,300 archives, libraries and museums. About 7,5 milllion of the total collections are available either in the Public Domain or under CC0 license. Art Up Your Tab selects the collections randomly and displays them in your new Chrome tab to pause your busy life for a brief moment and spark your imagination. The images are displayed in a full-screen.

Every image that is displayed on the new tab contains detailed information from the artist behind it, year of creation and so on. Just click on the image to show the information up. Like I said, the images that are displayed by Art Up Your Tab are licensed under CC0 and you are allowed to download them and reuse for any purpose.

Interesting to try the extension? Just visit here to install it on your Chrome.


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