How to Stop Chrome from Asking You to Save Passwords

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How to Stop Chrome from Asking You to Save Passwords

By default, Google Chrome will be asking you to save your passwords each time you login a certain website that requires password. While this feature is a bit helpful to save you time, those who concern about privacy never love this idea at all. This article will show how to stop Chrome from asking you to save passwords.

Asking you to save your passwords is the first step from Chrome to help you to manage your passwords. Each time you successfully login to a certain site that requires you to enter password, a pop-up will appear on the top-right side of Chrome, asking you if you want to save your password. You can stop this pop-up from appearing by turning off the Manage passwordsoption on the Passwords and formssection within the advanced settings of Chrome.

Here is how to do it.

Click Chrome menu (the three-dot icon) and select Settings.

Click the Settings menu (three-line icon) at the top-left corner and select Advanced.

You will see several advanced settings. Select Password and forms.

Click the Manage passwords option and turn this option off by sliding the button.

By now, you won’t be asked to save your password anymore. Please note that I use Google Chrome version 62, the latest version of Chrome at the time of writing, on this demo. On the next release of Chrome (or older versions), the settings location of how to stop Chrome from asking you to save passwords may can be different. However, you can peg on the Password and forms option which usually located under the Advanced settings menu.

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