How to Stop Chrome from Reloading Tabs When Switching

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How to Stop Chrome from Reloading Tabs When Switching

In order to make it more friendly for low-spec computers, Chrome offers a feature called tab discarding. This feature will automatically hibernate inactive tabs when you are switching to another one, and reload them when you get back. The purpose of this feature is to save memory consumption by getting rid of inactive tabs that Chrome considers as unimportant.

This feature is handy enough if  you are working with a low-spec computer since it can help preventing your computer from being hang. Conversely, it can be very annoying for a computer with enough resources. Imagine a case when you take a switch from a half-filled form to another tab to search something on Google, and you have to start everything from the start when you get back because Chrome automatically reloads the tab you left. This is not fun at all.

If you find that tab discarding feature of Chrome is annoying, you can disable it. This feature itself is currently part of Chrome experimental package of features so you can’t find it on Chrome configuration settings.

To disable tab discarding feature in order to stop Chrome from automatically reloading abandoned tabs, type chrome://flags on the Chrome address bar and hit enter. Type tab discarding on the search box and hit enter to jump to the Automatic tab discarding section.

Select Disabled on the drop-down menu and click the RELAUNCH NOW button on the bottom-right corner to apply the change.

Now you can switch from one tab to another one without worrying about losing the session when getting back. But, keep in mind that if you have a low-spec computer with a RAM less 4GB, it might can make your computer get in trouble if you open too many tabs on Chrome if you disable this feature.

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