How to Take a Screenshot in Chrome Using FireShot

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How to Take a Screenshot in Chrome Using FireShot

As of today, Google Chrome still has no screenshot feature. Thanks to the collaboration ecosystem of Chrome, you keep be able to take a screenshot in Chrome by making use of extensions developed by third parties. In this article, we have covered the best extensions to take a screenshot in Chrome. Now, let’s take an example. We are going to discuss about FireShot.

FireShot is a great tool to take a screenshot in Chrome. This tool gives you options whether you want to capture the entire page you are opening, the visible part or just certain area. Once you picked your option, the tool then will be start capturing. You can then save the captured page to a PNG or JPG file, depending on your settings.

To get started, simply visit this page and click ADD TO CHROME button to install FireShot on your Chrome.

One the extension is installed, you will see a new FireShot icon at the icon bar of Chrome. To start capturing, simply click the icon and select your option.

In this example, I am going to use FireShot to take a screenshot of a selected part of one page on, so I choose the third option, Capture selection. Then, what I have to do is determining the start point by clicking on it (the start point) and hold the mouse while selecting the area I want to capture. Once done selecting, FireShot will be taking me to a page where I can choose what to do next. Whether saving the captured page, send it via email or print it.

Where do your captured pages are saved?

FireShot will create a folder named “FireShot” under the Download folder on your computer account. You can find all of the captured pages on this folder.

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