How to Use Hidden Password Generator on Chrome

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How to Use Hidden Password Generator on Chrome

Google Chrome has a hidden password generator that not all users know about. You can use this feature to generate a secure password when signing up to certain website. Currently, password generator is still an experimental feature of Chrome. It still hidden and disabled by default.

To enable the password generator on Chrome, you can type chrome://flags/on the Chrome address bar and hit enter. Type “passwords” on the available search box and hit enter. On the Automatic password generation section, select Enable on the drop-down menu and click the RELAUNCH NOW button on the bottom-right to apply the change.

How to use hidden password generator on Chrome

Using password generator is quite easy. Once you have enabled this feature, Chrome will detect the password column on every website you are visiting. If you want to create a new account on a certain website, simply right-click on the password column and you should see a “Generate password” option.

Chrome will then save the generated password to Google Smart Lock so you don’t have to remember the weird random password. Next day, when you want to login on the same website where you created the account using Chrome’s password generator, the password column will be automatically filled.

You can see the saved password on Chrome by accessing the Chrome password manager (Type chrome://settings/passwords for quick access). The minor thing about Chrome password generator is that you can’t manually type password you want. You won’t also be able to edit the generated password. This feature is not suggested at all for e-commerce websites and finance-related websites like PayPal and Payoneer.

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