How to Create A Collaborative Trip Album in Google Drive

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How to Create A Collaborative Trip Album in Google Drive

Thanks to the technology of internet, sharing anything is way easier. Say you have just made a vacation trip with your friends, you can share the photos you took during the trip with your friends easily. One of the services you can take advantage of for this sort of need is Google Drive.

You can create a specific album on Google Drive and invite your travel mates to join to the album. This way, you and your friends will be able to share the photos taken using your respective devices. Once you invited your friends, they will be able to upload photos and create a new album (folder). But first, you need to make sure that your friends have a Google Drive account as well.

To get started, you can create a new folder on Google Drive. Click the New button on the upper left corner and select Folder.

Enter to the album you have just created by double-clicking it. Next, click folder name and select Share on the appearing drop down menu.

Enter the email addresses of your friends you want to invite to the album on the appearing pop-up dialog. Before clicking the Done button, make sure to set the permission to allow your friends to be able to add new photos or create a new folder.

That’s all. You can now ask your friends to login to Google Drive. Tell your friends to go to the Shared with me menu on the left panel. They should see the shared folder you have just created.

Removing someone from the album

In case you entered the wrong email addresses or simply want to remove someone you wish not on the album, you can go to the album/folder you created. Click the album name and select Share on the appearing drop down menu.

On the appearing menu, click on the list of the friends you have invited.

A new dialog menu will appear. Simply click the “X” button on someone you want to remove from the album. Once you are done removing, click the Done button.

Final thoughts

Google Drive is surely not the only service you can use to share vacation trip photos with your friends. There are also similar services you can use like Dropbox or OneDrive. But with nearly all internet users have a Google account, Google Drive is the most reasonable service you can opt to. Besides, this service gives more free space than other competitors like Dropbox and OneDrive.

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