63 Essential Google Docs Shortcuts (PDF)

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63 Essential Google Docs Shortcuts (PDF)

Google Docs is one of the best online word processors, part of G Suite. You can use Google Docs for free using your Google account. On desktop, the use of Google Docs can be a great alternative to paid office suite software like Microsoft Office. Google Docs is capable enough to handle a complex document.

Google Docs is integrated with Google Drive. Every time you create a new document or edit an existing one, it will be automatically saved to Google Drive. You don’t need to save it manually like you are used doing on desktop-based office suite. That is why you won’t see a “Save” option under the File menu of Google Docs.

Speaking of Google Docs, there are tens of shortcuts you can make use of to makes it possible to work more efficiently by reducing the number mouse clicks. I have put together the 63 of most essentials shortcuts you can use on Google Docs, which you can see on the PDF cheat sheet below.

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