5 Best 5K and 8K Monitors for Gaming and Editing

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5 Best 5K and 8K Monitors for Gaming and Editing

The need for good quality monitors for gaming and editing is a given. There has always been a demand for monitors with better resolutions over the years. In response to this, manufacturers are constantly trying to innovate and upgrade their products.

This is why 5K and 8K monitors are now commercially distributed. These ultra-high quality monitors are setting up a new playing field in both areas. If you want to step up your game and gain an advantage, here are some of the best 5K and 8K monitors for both gaming and editing.

Why Use a 5K or 8K Monitor

Choosing to use a 5K or 8K monitor boils down to increasing one’s productivity. The jobs related to gaming and editing require high-quality outputs, therefore the tools must be at par as well. The digital creative industry aims to produce better quality outcomes every day. Little innovations, such as better contrasts or color recognition, creative 2d game character, game icons, and game UI design can mean a lot to make more entertaining video games.

Using an 8K or 5K monitor lets them do better in the job that they worked so hard for. Images are easier to manipulate and nuances in videos are easier to spot. Most high-definition monitors sport larger display screens, making it hard to miss little details. These monitors are also ideal for multitaskers, those who love to open several tabs at once. The capacity and size of the monitor lets the user do their job seamlessly.

Best High-Resolution Monitors for Gaming and Editing

1. Dell UltraSharp 32″ 8K Monitor: UP3218K

If you are still in doubt whether 8K monitors are worth it, then the features of this Dell UltraSharp 8K monitor will crush all your doubts. With several accolades under their belt, Dell proves once again why they are an industry leader with this monitor. UP3218K supports over 1.07 billion colors.

Definitely, a dream come true for editors everywhere. The colors are sharper and easier to distinguish.

With a natural display feature of 7680 x 4320, you never have to worry about the pixelation of high-quality images. As a matter of fact, with its capability to host more than a billion colors, you will not notice pixels at all. It’s also hard to miss a detail with its high-density pixels per inch (ppi) ratio. The display of images is so realistic it becomes easier for editors to manipulate it.

2. LG 49WL95C-W 49-inch Curved 32:9 Ultrawide with HDR10 and USB-C

LG’s Ultrawide Curved monitor is the ultimate multitasking tool for editors and gamers alike. Say goodbye to your double or triple monitors once you have your hands on this. It has an organic resolution of 5120 x 1440 perfect for processing images and videos with high quality. The screen itself is also anti-glare which supports long hours of usage, whether gaming or editing.

This 5K monitor makes an editor’s life easy. There is no need to jump from one application and tab to another every so often. The widescreen display allows the user to open multiple apps at the same time and lay them side-by-side. It is almost like a digital production line that helps cut off the production period because of its efficiency.

3. Samsung CRG9

If you are a gamer who believes in Samsung’s supremacy, then this 5K monitor is a perfect and obvious choice for you. Along with its high resolution and wide aspect ratio, you get to see your content in the highest quality possible. You get to see what the game developers intended for you to see.

Samsung CRG9 is fully optimized for gaming. It has HDR1000 that supports the peak brightness of 1000 nits. You get to enjoy the game with full peak colors. Aside from that, it also has AMD Radeon FreeSync2 that supports HDR content display, reduced input laten
cy, and low framerate compensation for effortless and seamless gameplay.

You don’t have to worry about lags and pauses during the game. It is also an ultrawide curved monitor with an organic resolution of 5120 x 1440 with QHD.

4. MSI Prestige PS341WU

MSI brands this product as the monitor for creators. Nanoparticles are integrated with the LED backlight that gives off realistic colors and hues. For editors, this means saying goodbye to long hours of color correction.

The contrast ratio is also greater, which is an added factor in creating more realistic images. Its 34-inch monitor is perfect for multitaskers. With a resolution of 5120 x 2160 or 21:9 ratio, the monitor can support a 4K full-size window and an extra area for other tabs.

It is also equipped with DisplayHDR that promises brighter and more life-like images in the brightest and darkest areas of the monitor. It’s easy to work with this monitor. It has an adjustable stand that allows you to tilt, swivel, and adjust the height of the monitor.

Your long working hours are made more comfortable with this feature. Its key features and design are truly directed towards content creators. This monitor can become their new best friend.

5. Dell UltraSharp (U4919DW)

Another impressive 5K monitor from Dell made it to our list. This wide and curved monitor decreases distractions, thus increases efficiency and productivity. With an impressive 49-inch width, it is like using two regular-sized monitors minus the distracting borders in the middle.

It has a 32:9 aspect ratio that supports a panoramic experience. Despite the width of the screen, this monitor is easy on the eyes. It has ComfortView, a feature that reduces the emission of blue light.

This monitor’s impressive features make it one of the top picks when it comes to 5K monitors over recent years. In 2019, it received several awards including Tom’s Hardware Editors’ Choice. It is also one of the recipients of CES Innovation Awards Honorees.


As the demand for high-resolution monitors rises, manufacturers aim to match this demand. The ones on the list are some of the best products in the market now. There are others that may be more fit for other professions and different kinds of uses. At the end of the day, choose the monitor that best fits your usage. Be it for editing or gaming, there is a high-resolution monitor that will fit your needs.

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