Are Virtual Breakout Rooms Future Lounge Areas?

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Are Virtual Breakout Rooms Future Lounge Areas?

In recent years there are countless new ways of engaging and reducing stress among employees and you can definitely find some great solutions for your company if you are an HR specialist or a human-oriented CEO in a young company.

Designing a great lounge area plays a huge role in how your future employees will feel and interact with each other at the office. One of the latest advances in modern workspaces comes with modern solutions in virtual reality. You can read about virtual expos here and see that they became way more futuristic and elevated the whole idea of socializing with your peers while sipping morning coffee in front of your computer.

Alternative Ways of Taking a Break

Having a small chat with your peers sometimes can bring extra energy or the opposite: deplete you of any creative juices and making you feel tired before even starting your tasks. It usually depends on the individual’s personality.

One thing is for sure. Short breaks are essential for keeping a good workflow throughout the 8 hours long daily schedule most employees have at their jobs. Whether you hire a massage therapist, bring healthy snacks, or install a whole playground with video games, fussball, bean bags, and whatnot, you will definitely keep your main goal in sight: a great balance between work and fun activities for the whole team.

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, fewer and fewer employees had the same energy and dedication to their jobs and were able to keep a good vibe while working remotely from their PCs. Long-term remote work has completely reshaped the 9-to-5 and blurred the lines between home and office.

Without the daily interactions with other peers and small jokes that we are used to exchanging with our co-workers, the atmosphere in many working environments became quite bleak. This brings us to the alternative ways that HR specialists and workforce specialists came up with to compensate for the lack of human interaction.

Relaxation in a Virtual Medium

When you want to change your typical interaction channel with others, you can think of ways to make people feel engaged and having fun without walking away from their screens. This is why solutions such as virtually hosted events are central and here to stay.

Virtual breakout rooms are highly dependent on having a VR headset for full options available and also they are to be administered by a virtual reality connoisseur that can fix any technical issues that might appear.

Sure, they require a bit of investment and some time to install them properly and making sure all your employees have quick access to them. You can think of investing the money reserved for the “welcome coffee” and lunch breaks or teambuilding in fancy destinations, in a uniquely designed virtual space that will gather all your employees under the same “roof” with less planning and organization in advance.

At this moment, companies in Europe, Asia, United States, and other continents as well, are following a hybrid model of working, partially from the office and partially from home. Although you can’t visit certain parts of the world yet, these restrictions will not affect your virtual reality space.

In a limitless digitally created environment, there are no restrictions on social distancing or wearing a mask. Not even the VR headset is mandatory. People can still take part in a virtual conference; except they are unable to see all the features and visual effects.

You can even create magic shows with tricks and illusions just like in real life. Mind games are a great way of entertaining your team members when they are away from the office and they are easier to showcase by a performer while in front of a computer.

The Bottom Line

The future holds many innovations around the workspace for the younger generations of employees and will definitely comprise both the traditional way of relaxation at the workplace and more modern facilities as well. It is not excluded that with more gamers and influencers becoming full-time employees, the online environment will become the main platform for socializing at work.

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