Can Tablets Improve Your Business?

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Can Tablets Improve Your Business?

Walk into the average business office, and you’ll likely see employees working on desktop computers and laptops. They are ideal for a broad range of business tasks and can be all employees need to remain productive.

However, many business owners see the value in tablets. While they can be a significant investment, you might consider introducing tablets into your business for these important reasons:

Improving Environmentally-Friendliness

Buying tablets like iPads from leading providers such as Twelve South can be a big decision to make, but environmentally friendliness might be one reason you consider it. Tablets can have such a broad range of functions that you’ll likely have no reason to print documents in your office.

You can fill out forms on the screen, rather than a paper copy, and even take notes you might otherwise write into a notebook. Your office might then significantly reduce its paper waste on any given day.


Not all work takes place in an office environment. You might need to visit clients or tend to urgent matters when outside the office. While laptop computers are portable to a degree, tablets are even more so. The latest offerings are sleek, lightweight, and thin. They tuck away easily in briefcases and can often be comfortably held with one hand. You certainly can’t say that about desktop computers.


Not all employees in your workplace will have the same technology fluency. Some people are undoubtedly more advanced than others. You might be able to cut down training time and onboarding by introducing tablets or iPads.

These devices tend to be more intuitive with their touch interfaces. Rather than new employees having to work out how to use a mouse and operate a new program, they can use their fingers to make faster actions. This can be helpful if tablets are used for work functions like logistics and stock management.

App Compatibility

Businesses have greatly benefited from apps in recent years. There seems to be an application for everything, including accounting, social media, productivity, and teamwork. App developers have also been working hard to ensure broad compatibility across multiple devices.

As a result, the same apps you can use on a laptop or desktop are generally also available for tablets and iPads. With excellent app compatibility, you might find it much easier to run your business. Employees will have access to the same important tools no matter what devices they’re on.

Cloud Connectivity

While tablets and iPads might seem less helpful than laptops and desktop computers, they’ve advanced a great deal in recent years. You can enjoy the same cloud connectivity on a tablet as you can on other computers.

However, cloud connectivity on a tablet is even more convenient. You can easily perform work tasks from anywhere, thanks to how portable a tablet is. This means that attending business meetings at client locations and working while you travel can be far more convenient and productive.

Tablets might not be a business expense you’ve thought about making, but there is certainly value in considering it. Alongside being easier to learn, tablets are portable, compatible with many computer applications, and are renowned for their user-friendliness.

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