DoCooler Pen Mouse Review – Good Mouse Alternative?

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DoCooler Pen Mouse Review – Good Mouse Alternative?

When people think of an ergonomic mouse, a pen rarely comes to mind. But just like a vertical or trackball mouse, a pen-like mouse can be beneficial, especially if you suffer from aching thumb and wrist pain.

In this review, we go hands-on with the DoCooler pen mouse, a mouse that you hold just like a pen. How does it compare with a regular ergonomic mouse? What are the benefits? Find out below.

What is a Pen Mouse?

It’s very similar to your regular pen. These mouse pens are usually wireless, connecting to your computer with a battery and USB nano receiver. An optical mouse is simply plugged into the USB transmitter and can be used on most surfaces and up to 30 feet away.

This pen mouse provides you with a new experience surrounding cursor control, and many people discover more comfort than a regular mouse as a result. With its 2.4GHz technology, it’s lighter than pretty much any other type of pointing device out there.

The DoCooler Pen Mouse

The DoCooler Pen mouse like most pen mouse relies is wireless, and operates on the 2.4GHz signal. The pen will power off on its own. It needs an AAA battery, which isn’t included. There is a low voltage alarm function that will tell you when you need to replace your battery.

What You Get in the Box

  • Pen mouse — in colors red, black or silver.
  • A USB receiver.
  • A mount.

My Favorite feature of the DoCooler Pen Mouse

The standout features of the DoCooler Pen Mouse is a DPI adjustment button. It lets you speed up or slow down the mouse pointer at the click of a button, ranging from 500 to 1000 DPI. This makes it suitable even for high sensitivity tasks like drawing, but it’s still not as good as a graphics tablet of course.

Features at a Glance

  • Has left and right key
  • Wheel
  • DPI switch
  • Power switch
  • Battery compartment for one battery
  • Optical Sensor
  • Low voltage alarm
  • The pen is 5.5 inches in length

My Thoughts on the DoCooler Pen Mouse After 2 weeks

The DoCooler is by no means the only pen mouse on the market, and in fact there are quite a few different types and in different price ranges. Probably what I love most about this one though is the adjustable DPI setting, and how responsive the buttons are. Another pen mouse I tried required me to really press down to left and right click.

The stand up mount on the DoCooler is also a nice addition. It allows you to stand your pen mouse in an upright position. This way I don’t have to keep picking up the pen when I place it down to type.

My wrists hurt sometimes from using a regular mouse. With the DoCooler pen mouse, that is mostly gone. This is because there is very little wrist movements involved in using a pen mouse. Ergonomically speaking then, a pen mouse had distinct advantages, especially if you suffer from wrist pain.

Finally, at less than $15, the DoCooler is cheaper than a lot of its competitors, yet has more features.

Here’s my summary of the pros and cons of the DoCooler Mouse:


  • The DPI is adjustable
  • The pen device is lightweight and flexible — easy to carry around.
  • Smart power-saving function. Switches off automatically when not in use. Easy to get the pen going again.
  • It comes equipped with its own stand/mount.


  • The pen isn’t ambidextrous, favoring the right-hander.


When you want to buy a product such as the DoCooler Pen Mouse, it is important to do some research on it to see what the benefits would be for you.

After a few weeks though, I can confidently say the DoCooler Pen Mouse is one of the best pen mouse out there. You’ll notice among the customer reviews on Amazon as well that the pros of this pen far outnumber the cons. So the DoCooler comes as recommended, especially seeing that costs are so reasonable too.

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