Essential Cleaning Tips Every Bike Lover Should Follow

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Essential Cleaning Tips Every Bike Lover Should Follow

Which bike lover doesn’t enjoy riding a sparkling clean bike? Just as you may have your car cleaned routinely to keep it shining and functioning well, you also need to clean your bicycle regularly. Maintaining your bike to enhance its lasting performance is essential. Doing this will enable you to prolong the life of your bike.

Your two-wheel consists of various moving parts put together. These parts start deteriorating when subjected to mud, debris, and grime. A regular maintenance schedule (weekly, monthly, or more frequent, depending on your bike type) is necessary.

For those who ride in the mud, or if you enjoy riding hard, fast and frequently, ensure you clean your bike more often. Do not wait until you start experiencing some unpleasant signs like:

  • The chain that comes out black and greasy
  • Hearing too much chain noise whenever you pedal.

A clean and well-polished bicycle will look good and also ride well. When you wash your two-wheeler, you prevent dirt and grease accumulation from damaging the equipment’s mechanical parts.

Some essential bike parts that need regular washing include the chain, chainrings, pedals, seat, frame, and brakes. In essence, bicycle cleaning should be done appropriately using the right cleaning tools. This will ensure you don’t end up incurring further costs.

Our article discusses the essential cleaning tips every bike lover should follow. Let’s find out more below.

1. Pressure Washing

Cleaning your bicycle with a pressure washer is one of the modern ways cyclists use to attain quality service.

Seeking your bike’s best and most reliable pressure washing services can save you time and effort. You don’t have to struggle over the traditional sponge and bucket style.

The trusted pressure washing company will ensure they clean your two-wheel safely and appropriately. Think about professional bike race-ups. There are often moments of bike cleaning to get rid of every grime and enhance the equipment’s performance.

In such times, pressure washing services work best to eliminate dirt and relieve the exhausted racers. A reliable, professional pressure washing company has the skills and experience necessary to ensure they won’t damage expensive components of your two-wheel drive.

Their expertise in pressure washing services ensures they can’t jeopardize the riders’ opportunities, for example, on race day. Like pro mechanics, professional cleaners usually follow some basic guidelines so as not to cause any damage.

Unless you’re highly skilled, you shouldn’t pressure wash the bike yourself. The professionals know how to do it right, and they’ll save you too many headaches. For example, they know how to:

  • Avoid spraying directly at the components that contain grease (headset, bottom bracket, hubs, etc.)
  • Spray the bike from a safe distance
  • Remove any delicate bike components before spraying
  • Protect the absorbent saddles from soaking up
  • Clean off any degreaser thoroughly before they apply the lubricant
  • Protect the equipment’s braking surfaces, such as the disc brake rotors, from getting contaminated

2. Clean and Lubricate the Chain

Cleaning your bike’s chain regularly is very crucial. A chain with dirt and grease buildup on it may cause it to break due to increased friction.

You often start by cleaning with water and then administering a cleaning solvent to the chain. Move the chain while applying the solution all over it. Leave for a while, and then rub it with a brush. Once the chain looks clean, wipe using a rag.

The next step is to apply lubricant. Use a lubricant spray and the cardboard behind the chain to avoid extending the spray to other parts.

It’s important to lubricate the chains properly. That way, you’ll extend your drivetrain’s life. Always ensure you use a bike-specific lubricant to clean the chain. The two types of lube commonly used include:

  • Wet lube- this type is perfect to use if you plan to ride in wet conditions. It suits the drivetrain, and it’s not likely to rinse off amidst the rains. Also, note that dirt and grit will stick to the chain, so you’ll have to wipe off excess lube later.
  • Dry lube- this type does well in dry surroundings. Often, dirt and grit will hardly stick to the dry lube. But, the lube isn’t suitable for rainy conditions; it will rinse off quickly if you try riding in the rain.

3. Clean the Wheels Often

Use softer and bigger brushes for the tires and rims when cleaning the wheels. This allows you to get into every area with less effort. Start cleaning at the valve, and scrub everywhere around the wheel.

Get to the spokes and hub, then turn the wheel to the opposite side. Repeat cleaning the other side of the wheel, and rinse. Use the soft part of a clean sponge with soap and water for disc brakes.

Note that it’s often good to start cleaning from the bicycle’s bottom. You can also use a cleaning solution to clean the wheels. After spraying the solution over the wheels, allow it to rest for some minutes. Later, use the soft brush to rub off the cleaning solution.

After you have rubbed the wheel and its components entirely, use a hose pipe to wash away all the dirt. The cleaning solvent helps to get rid of all the dried mud.

4. Polish the Bicycle Occasionally

Many people think that applying polish to your bike only gives it a glossy finish. Yes, this is true, and for the plastic parts, you can wax them to have them look shiny and new.

Still, there’s more to this. Applying polish to various parts of your bike also makes the equipment scratch-resistant. If you always clean your bicycle, you may not need to polish it for a few years ahead.

But, if you ride your two-wheel frequently and hardly clean it in a while, you may have to use some special cleaning tools to restore the gloss finish. Set your bicycle up outside on a stand to make the process easier. You could add some custom graphics from Un4Seen Decals to enhance your bike and for extra protection.

After the processes of washing, drying, and polishing, ensure you do everything possible to maintain the shine on your bicycle. The best thing is that you can learn the simple ways to polish a bike.

Key Takeaways

Cleaning the bike is a part of the equipment’s routine maintenance. Every time you go on a road trip, you must clean your two-wheeled machine to sustain its momentum. This will help you monitor any damage or instances of wear and tear. You also get to know when there’s an issue beyond cleaning that requires servicing.

Apart from cleaning the bicycle yourself, you can also seek safe and reliable pressure washing services. Doing this occasionally is essential. It helps ensure that every component of your two-wheel is thoroughly cleaned to maintain proper and long-term functioning.

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