8 Factors That Make Rolex Watches Expensive

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8 Factors That Make Rolex Watches Expensive

Whenever you ask someone, “What is the best watch brand?” you will often hear the same answer: Rolex. For generations, Rolex has become one of the most trusted and most chosen brands among all watch aficionados. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have the chance to own these timepieces, simply because owning a Rolex is like having a piece of timeless luxury. It’s not cheap.

Luxury watches are known to be expensive. Because of the years of expertise, every company has dedicated to manufacturing and producing each watch, one can easily understand why it has to cost more than any other watch. But, not all watches are the same. Not all watch brands have the same ideals when it comes to the planning and designing process. Each has its unique characteristics which makes it more priceless.

The Magic in Rolex Timepieces

Every Rolex Watch has become part of every culture, especially in forthcoming and recent generations. Many celebrities and well-known people are not a stranger to having a Rolex wrapped around their wrists. It is one of the luxury watch brands today that has been featured in many red carpet scenes. Through this, fans and watch enthusiasts make it a point to own a Rolex watch.

Because of this, Rolex always makes sure to create various types of designs that will make each timepiece unique. In that way, every watch person will have a piece of Rolex that is tailored for their preference and lifestyle. From the classic Submariner collection up to the luxury sports watch Cosmograph Daytona, you will surely find a piece that will match your taste.

What Makes Rolex Expensive

A quality timepiece such as bust down rolex watch has made its name as one of the most expensive watch brands in the world. This has paired with the quality of watches they have released in the past years. Aside from this, there are still a lot of factors that contribute to the value of every watch. Here are some of those.

1. Established reputation

The continuous success of Rolex as a brand starts from the reputation that it has established even in its early days. In 1910, only 5 years after the brand was launched, they were awarded a Swiss Certificate of Precision by the Official Watch Rating in Bienne. Even after a century, Rolex has continued to carry the same reputation as one of the most precise watches around the world.

2. Innovative research development

Created and manufactured in Switzerland, Rolex maintained its quality because of conducting various research studies to develop its products. From designing each piece to crafting its mechanism, Rolex watches are products of a series of research development to make sure of their quality.

3. Intricate manufacturing

To meet their standards, Rolex invested in several laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment used by esteemed science professionals. These labs cater to the continuous need to develop and improve all their products. Rolex understands the diverse preference of every generation. Because of this, they make sure to keep up with the market’s needs and establish their facilities dedicated to research and experiments.

4. Made by premier watchmakers

To bring out the best to all their products, Rolex makes sure that only the best watchmakers are tasked to do the diligent job. Their company houses some of the best and highly-competent watchmakers in Switzerland who created the best-handcrafted watch there is. Each of their watchmakers has to have high-caliber skills when it comes to watchmaking to execute the company’s goals.

5. High-quality materials

Of course, skills and theories have to be backed up with the best materials to guarantee its perfection. Rolex makes sure to use high-grade and premium materials in crafting every piece in their collection. They use 904L Stainless Steel for all their watches, which is a better model than 316L that most watch manufacturers use. This metal is paired with precious gems and premium ceramics to create a luxury timepiece that can be passed on from generation to generation.

6. Series of testings

To top the rigorous process of creating luxury timepieces, Rolex makes sure that every watch undergoes a series of testings. This is to prove the effectiveness of each functionality, feature, and mechanism. In that way, the company can make some tweaks or add more glitz to improve the quality of their products.

7. A century of legacy

No company will ever last for more than a century if it doesn’t exceed the industry’s expectations. For many years, Rolex has perfected the art of watchmaking. Because of this, the company has developed an aptitude for creating high-quality watches that set the bar for every watch manufacturer around the world.

8. Lasts more than a lifetime

One of the main reasons why Rolex watches cost a fortune is that they last more than a lifetime. You may have probably watched some movies or TV shows where a Rolex watch is used as a family heirloom. This trend is not fictional. Many families in the real world have acquired a Rolex to pass on to the children of their children. It’s a piece of accessory that has become part of every life story of many families around the world. It’s a simple yet priceless watch that can bring old and new generations together.

Choose the best Rolex Watch for you!

Rolex is always a great investment. Aside from the factors that contribute to its price and value, a Rolex watch is something that every watch collector has to have. If you are looking for the best pieces in their collection, check out Watchshopping.com. They have a variety of Rolex watches for all types of lifestyles and preferences. Own a piece of this luxury today!

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