Helicopter Maintenance: The New Area of Opportunity in MRO Aviation

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Helicopter Maintenance: The New Area of Opportunity in MRO Aviation

Aviation services have now been around for over a hundred years, and right from the day that the first aircraft flew, there has also been a constant need for Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO aviation) services. Today, there are tens of thousands of flying machines of different types and uses that take to the skies regularly courtesy of the incredible and often exhausting efforts put in by the MRO aviation crews world-wide. Even when the pandemic temporarily grounded all aircrafts, the MRO aviation companies constantly worked to keep them flight ready!

With the diversity of the modern aircrafts and the change in operational regulations, manual MRO aviation activities have now become almost impossible. Even if you do run the operations, checks, compliances manually then you would know how much pains, inventory leakage and other challenges you have to face every single day.

This is where a cloud-based MRO aviation software needs to be an integral part of your arsenal as you go about tending to machines that could be worth up to $100 million and even more. An advanced MRO aviation solution would come integrated with the technologies of the day such as AI, Data Analytics, IoT, automation etc. You would not only be able to get a superior visibility of all MRO aviation operations, but also enjoy an unmatched efficiency and ease once you deploy such a solution.

Through usage of an MRO aviation software, you can seamlessly take care of the entire MRO processes including:

Component MRO: The cloud platform would be a uniform MRO aviation solution comprising Component Receipt to ARC Release, Quote management, and invoicing processes. It will offer seamless and efficient customer interaction capabilities to ensure superior operations, usability and ease of handling.

Engine MRO: A world-class MRO aviation solution would enable Engine slot management, Work scope evaluation, Engine visit, estimations, build-up, kitting, digitized task card, maintenance tracking, ARC as well as Quotation and invoicing processes with efficiency of customer interactions.

Line MRO: The hallmark of any MRO aviation solution is its ability to offer AMO and Line station maintenance operations with efficient work scoping, defect reporting and flight service billing seamlessly.

Hangar MRO: As a 3rd Party Aircraft MRO system, it is important that the software offers an end-to-end cycle starting from induction of the aircraft to Billing, Work Scope management, task card digitization, efficient planning, connected inventory planning and Automated invoicing.

Helicopter Maintenance in MRO Aviation

Helicopters and rotorcrafts have been around for several decades now, and they perform almost as many roles as the fixed-wing aircraft do, be it for commercial use or for leisure activities. With the rise in utility and numbers of helicopters in civil aviation as well as militaries globally, the role of helicopter maintenance in MRO aviation has grown manifold. It’s also worth looking into a private aircraft maintenance company if you own a private jet.

With greater emphasis on environmental sustainability and economy of operations, helicopters are gaining popularity in connecting with small towns and rural areas as they don’t need as much infrastructure to operate as aircrafts do. That’s why as an MRO aviation company, your organization’s software should be one that can seamlessly enable helicopter maintenance services as well. This is where a cloud MRO aviation software would again score over conventional systems.

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